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How Islam destroyed European classical civilization and brought the Dark ages   

The most concise explanation I have ever heard in a lecture about the complete full history of 1400 years of Islamic violence and expansionist warfare that ties together how European Greco- Roman civilization was destroyed by Islam and the end result of this destruction. Which brought us the European Dark ages. Dr. Bill Warner is the founder of the center for the study of political Islam. This scholarly analysis completely refutes the propaganda one hears about the "Tolerant" Muslim golden age which many politically correct historians, academics, and Political Islamists are often keen to propagate, in order to create a mythical version of history where Islam is shown in a glowing light. Helping a barbaric European civilization, steeped in ignorance, from themselves. 

Often times this false account of history has dire political ramifications for the present, as this falsified version of history is used as a cudgel against anyone opposed to the ascendancy of Political Islam within their society. The Ground Zero mosque being a perfect example, the Islamists behind the project originally named the site as the Cordoba project, referring to the false mythical golden age of the Muslim occupation of Spain. This false history of "Muslim tolerance and scientific prowess" was used as a weapon against anybody who deemed a skyscraper mosque built on ground Zero as offensive.

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