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This was posted only 2-weeks ago and it is just over 11 minutes long. July 16, 2013

As stated below, you need to click on the closed –captioning (cc) to get the English subtitles. 

Regardless of what you may or may not think is coming down the pike in our world, this should make some people sit up and take notice. 

There are a number of unusual key factors that should be noted about the current Pope: 

  • Pope Benedict XVI resigned (hasn’t happened in over 700 years) and is still alive with the title “Pope Emeritus” 
  • First Jesuit Pope, Jorge Bergoglio, and he is the 266th Pope starting on March 13th 2013 
  • Pope’s older brother  (Oscar) was a Seventh-Day Adventist for more than 50 years 
  • Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio), many years ago (see video clip) was sent to question his older brother Oscar about his new faith.  After taking notes and time to review & read all the fundamental beliefs of the SDA, including the Great Controversy, Jorge had Oscar thrown out of his family (excommunicated) and wouldn’t let his brother even attend his mother’s funeral.  Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope) vowed revenge against the SDA Church and called Ellen White the plague and a witch when he could not refute the teachings from the Bible. 

Link to Bergoglio family pictures: 





Rabbi Kaduri