Everyone should have interest in learning about the end times which are closer than most expect. Please explore this entire site for more information. If you see what is going on in the World today you know that something big is happening.






Hopefully this website will provide insights to why we are here, what we are here for, and how it will all end. It will also attempt to show in laymen's terms that the scientific evidence and the written word agree and are not in dispute or conflict. We have all wondered at one time or another what the future has in store for us and how we will be a part of it.


Everyone should want to know the truth about any subject because there is only one truth but many falsehoods. There is only one answer for 2+2, however there are innumerable wrong answers. Some scientists say that our earth is millions or even billions of years old while many theologians say that it has been only 6,000 years since it's creation. Can these two seemingly conflicting views be reconciled? I think you will see that they can.


You can look and examine your own physical self to consider the possibility that you are a created being. You whole body can feel and have a sense of touch. Can you imagine how many sensors there are and how quickly they send signals to your brain. No matter where you touch yourself you know the location of that touch. The blood of life flows through your body providing nourishment to ever cell in it. The blood is pumped through your body by your heart and its involuntary mussel getting feed back on what speed to run at depending on what you are doing at the present time. You cut yourself and the low viscosity blood coagulates to stop the bleeding and heal the damaged tissues. Consider the heart as your engine. Do you know of any other engine than can operate for eighty years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no maintenance while also being abused. This in itself is mind boggling.


Your eyesight lets you see close and far away, in color with depth, detailed high resolution images sent to your brain for processing. Your eyelids and tear ducts keep the surface of your eyeball clean, again for eighty years or more. Can the windshield wiper on your car do the same? I think not. Just think about all the aspects of your body, stereo hearing, the ability to talk, sing, and communicate. The brain that can store large quantities of information, memories and complicated images and recall that stored information from many, many years in the past. You can hear sounds of many frequencies and know the direction from where it comes. You know the intensity of the sound as well as the undulations. You as a person also have a built in conscience to recognise good from evil.


Design of the Human Brain...The human brain is the most complicated structure in the known universe. It contains over 100 billion cells, each with over 50,000 neuron connections to other brain cells. This structure receives over 100 million separate signals from the total human body every second. If we learned something new every second of our lives, it would take three million years to exhaust the capacity of the human brain. In addition to conscious thought, people can actually reason, anticipate consequences, and devise plans - all without knowing they are doing so.


Let me elaborate on the built in capabilities. My daughter had a white female duck named "George" for a pet when she was young. This duck was an only duck and was purchased only a week after its birth. If you ever had any duck experience you know where the expression "dumb duck" came from. Yet this duck, when it laid two eggs, knew (without any instruction or training) that she needed to sit on the eggs to keep them warm, and turn them over several time a day with her bill. Where did the information that this dumb duck had come from?


Do not quit now, you need to see the scientific connection yet. This site is a work in progress and will continually be added to, so check back frequently. Thanks for viewing.




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